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30DC: 12-13: HEALTHY Recipe for BOILING CRAB!!

I've been trying to finish one of my textbooks for the past couple of days, but the material is just not processing through my brain. I feel like a robot... scanning my eyes from one side of the page to the other... and not understanding what the heck I just read. UGH. The frustration. Whenever this happens... I always find so many other things to do- like cleaning, cooking, snacking, etc. And it doesn't really help when you miss your boyfriend and want to go spend some time with him after he gets out of work. Blah. I need to finish this book by tomorrow. ha... ha... ha... =/

Being the innovative chef I am, I discovered the secret ingredient to Boiling Crab's addicting "shrimp with mild Whole Shebang sauce, please." Sam and I went to Boiling Crab 4 times in a matter of 2 weeks (though during our 3rd visit, we refused to wait 2 hours for dinner). We seriously LOVEEEEE this stuff... along with everyone and their moms. Literally. But after eating like a ravenous pig... you realize you probably just ate about a full bar of butter. Your meal is given to you in a plastic bag... basically shrimp swimming in a tangy/spicy/oh-so-delicious grease soup. Not to mention, your meal isn't complete without Cajun fries and corn cobs... bringing you to total of 827498273948273 calories. Lol.

My "discovery" was purely by accident... as are most of my concoctions. =] This is my HEALTHY alternative to Boiling Crab. It tastes amazing... and is good for you! Give it a try!

I first fried the shrimp with a bit of olive oil. I don't like to add the sauce or spices in the beginning since a lot of water tends to come out of the shrimp while it cooks (which you can see in the photo). You'll want to drain the water before going on to the next step. COOK ON MEDIUM HEAT!
Add a good amount of the Greek yogurt sauce (click to see recipe). Add a bit more olive oil since you drained some of it. You'll notice that the yogurt will start separating a little, but it's fine. If you need to drain more water, do so until water doesn't come out anymore. You want a creamy consistency, not a watery one.
Though we added Tabasco/Tapatio sauce in the original Greek yogurt sauce, you'll want to add more to give it that tangy taste of Boiling Crab's "Whole Shebang sauce." I even added a little more lime and salt. The hot sauce and the lime/lemon really bring out that Boiling Crab flavor. So make sure to add them!
It's crucial that you DON'T OVERCOOK the shrimp. You want the shrimp to be nice and tender. So make sure you fry at medium-heat.
And VOILA! HEALTHY BOILING CRAB right in the comfort of your own home and no 2-hour waits! Lol. Your body will thank you. Hope you enjoy this recipe! My family and Sam sure did! =]

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